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The enterprise-class solutions of Datacomp Web Technologies automate the end-to-end processes of insurance business. Classified into three broad categories Sales Readiness, Distribution Transformation and Operational Excellence-our top notch solutions deliver concrete benefits of speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency to customer's organizations.

From Presales to Recruitment to Compliance to Customer Retention-our comprehensive solution stack addresses the specific business needs of insurance carriers , agents, and advisors.

Turn your agents and advisors into savvy communicators-equipped with best-of-breed tools and insightful product content.
Conquer your distribution challenges through strategic collaboration with Datacomp’s class-leading digital tools.
Extend the performance limits of every professional. Employ a 360-degree process improvement with innovation.

Sales Readiness

Datacomp's leads solution to help your channel sales managers to track the performance of agents and advisors.
  • Keep a tab on their sales targets and strategies with Leadership App from Datacomp Web Technologies.
  • Make the last minute surprises a thing of the past as our app takes you closer to agents and advisors.
  • Track the activities like calls made, targets contacted, and prospects approached-in real time.
  • The app also simplifies the tasks such as field force motivation programs and onfield collaboration.
  • Goal-setting: Set targets for your agency channels based on their track record-Ambitious, Aggressive, or Moderate.
  • Vigilant supervision: Monitor the recruitment and performance figures on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis.
  • Stay updated: Access the latest product Information including new product launches, brochures, leaflets, presentations and videos.
  • Marketing collateral: Get quick access to personalized mailers, insurance concept templates, promotional material, achievements and announcements to promote products and services.
  • Personalized communication: Send greetings for Birthdays and Anniversaries to your clients via SMS or WhatsApp. Choose from a range of designs to personalize every communication.
An integrated interaction platform that converges agency management efforts, Datacomp Leadership App helps boost channel sales revenue while delivering a range of business advantages.
  • Collaborate: Guide your on-field advisors through Joint Calls.
  • Geo-tagging: Expand market coverage through geo-tagging for field visits.
  • Recruitment: Attract and retain good distributors.
  • Motivate: Improve the distributor performance through Recognition and Rewards.
  • Contests: Boost your leaders’ performance with the contests feature.
  • Lean management: Slash down distribution management costs.
Datacomp's financial need analysis (FNA), an imperative tool in life insurance business which ignites a need for insurance in customer’s mind.
  • Acts as starting point of the customer’s buying journey.
  • FNA is a comprehensive tool which assesses the current financial status of the customers
  • Calculates future needs and aspirations, analyse the gaps and recommend the appropriate products as per the needs.
  • It also supports a product comparison feature which comes handy in case of multiple product recommendations.
  • Supports all types of life products
  • Easy integration with Lead Management System , BI
  • Configurable product recommendation engine
  • Interactive UI
  • Info graphical representation of data
  • Detailed customer profiling
  • Future goal setting
  • Customer awareness in terms of gap identification between current financial status and future goals
  • Enhanced customer buying experience
Datacomp's Benefit Illustration aids life insurance companies to demonstrate a prospective or new insurance policyholder how a life or disability insurance policy works.
  • This solution fully supports a variety of life insurance products such as term, endowment, investment-linked, etc.
  • Along with Illustration report the solution has ability to generate personalized presentation which are feature rich with high impact story lines and graphical flows.
  • The complex calculations are put up in a simplified and easy to understand way to customers which expedites the purchase process.
  • Supports all types of life products
  • Inbuilt premium calculator
  • Yearly view on investment and returns
  • Can be easily integrated with other applications
  • Feature rich Personalized presentation with graphical flow
  • Supports download and share
  • Comprehensive view of benefits
  • Easy to understand
  • Empowers Customer to select the right product
  • Enhanced customer buying experience
Datacomp's e-Application Solution helps insurers sell life products using multiple channels like direct, agency, partner, brokers and call centres.
  • Helps insurers in achieving a paperless customer acquisition process and thus achieving better efficiency in operational processes.
  • The application comes with different electronic forms based on the needs of various channels
  • Helps in achieving overall objective of business acquisition.
  • Platform and mobile independent tool, thus supporting multiple mobile devices.
  • Also available as a mobile application which can support offline capability.
  • Makes selling a policy online quick and easy
  • UI can be customized to suit the target market
  • Facility to save quotes for future retrieval
  • Enhanced user experience as the customer is guided throughout the journey
  • Can easily connect to any payment gateway for secure payments
  • Provides easy integration with any e-signature tool
  • Provides Sales illustration to aid in decision making
  • Integrates with insurer’s Chat for seamless buying process
  • Quick time to market
  • Reduced transaction cost
  • Streamlined buying process
  • Adaptable design
  • Wider channel penetration

Distribution Transformation

Operational Excellence

Datacomp’s Employee Benefit solution for Group Mediclaim (GMC) policies is a dedicated platform that seamlessly connects brokers, insured employees and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) with insurance providers.
  • Designed specifically with large user bases in mind, our solution empowers insured employees under GMC plan(s) with its integrated self - service portal capabilities.
  • Extract the full value of our integrated solution platform with rich features including mobile app and real-time analytics.
  • Leverage the power of an integrated Employee Benefit solution backed by a self-service portal, mobile app & real-time analytics for Group Mediclaim policies.
With the comprehensive synergies of a self service portal and mobile app, our solution helps accomplish standardized online enrollment and streamlined claims management. Delivering personalized services to GMC customers remotely was never so easy for insurance brokers. Besides insurance organizations, our solution provides strong business value to your brokers and TPAs alike.
  • Cut down the time spent by your brokers on the mundane administrative tasks. Assure synchronized enrollments across the corporate database, brokers, and TPAs along with real-time monitoring.
  • With Datacomp Employee Benefit suite, TPAs can accurately resolve queries of the insureds regarding network hospitals, e-card generation, claim intimation, status reports and more-by communicating with them directly.
  • Reduce your corporate customer’s time-consuming and costly paperwork.
  • Slash down your customer servicing costs by allowing employees under their GMC plans to process queries on their own with our solution.
Enjoy a range of tangible operational benefits with Datacomp’s world-class solution platform. For instance, you can provision audit trail tracking to improve TPA and insurance performance and benefit from the built-in features of simplified MIS and realtime analytics.
  • Quick policy-lookup, addition/ removal of dependents, raising claims, top-ups or new policies are made easy with the platform’s self-service capabilities. Users can readily access premiums, deductibles, coverage, and hospital networks.
  • Empower insured employees with our highly configurable Escalation Matrix. Insured employees can directly contact the Broker, Insurer, and TPA for service related queries or issues.
  • Improve productivity of every stakeholder with a comprehensive, flexible and robust mobile app-a native build for Android developed with Xamarin-to deliver cross-platform scalability.
Successfully dissuade your customers from surrendering their insurance policies with Datacomp’s Customer Retention Solution.
  • Identify the true reasons behind a customer’s desire to surrender a policy.
  • Enable your support staff to resolve customer doubts and unanswered queries and assuage their ill-
  • founded apprehensions with quick supply of right information about the customer and policy held.Identify the exact reason behind policy surrenders and improve customer communication.
  • Equip support staff to resolve issues even by cross-selling the right policies with our Customer Retention Solution.
  • Curb insurance policy surrenders with Datacomp’s customer retention solution. Guide your disgruntled customers with empathy and right information.
Improve IRDA compliance and avoid hefty penalties with automated retention assistance of Datacomp Customer Retention. Expedite your organization’s customer retention process. Our solution allows customers to access policy presentations upon request.
  • Management controls: Keep a tab on retention efforts such as the number of surrenders, successful retentions, and presentations generated versus policyholders/policies retained.
  • Efficiency and transparency: Cut down time-lags in query response and communicate with customers with accuracy and transparency.
  • Succeed with persuasion: Persuade your customers to retain the policies held by illustrating their true benefits with the help of solution-backed insights.
  • Avert revenue loss: Recommend the right product that suits a customer’s requirements and avoid potential revenue loss for the organization.
Our Customer Retention Solution allows you to automate the entire retention process, minimizing manual efforts of support staff.
  • Trim your costs: Cut staff training costs and dependence on an individual staff member’s skills to ensure customer retention.
  • Avoid mis-communication: Reduce scope for misunderstandings or miscommunication. It’s now practicable to impose the use of a unified script for client communication by all customer-interfacing support executives.
  • Win Trust through Insights: Explain insurance products to consumers with insightful presentations on individual policies.
Curb misinformation by advisors or agents to protect customer- interest with PCVC
  • Even as PCVC speeds up verification call processes, it trims associated costs-service center management, voice communication, printing stationery, and storage/retrieval management.
  • Eliminate human error, misplaced documentation, and manipulation with PCVC’s standard, automated process backed by multilingual audio play to verify policy details.
  • Robust security snips off fraud eventualities with geo-tagging, OTP, automated client photo capture and face detection.
  • Datacomp PCVC’s audio script is made suitable for the advisor’s channel and the product being sold.
  • Our inbuilt hardware restriction ensures 100% client attention-an important precaution for your compliance needs.
  • What’s more, users get real-time access to MIS and Search features-in addition to special Admin features for Super users.
  • Built with cutting edge technologies such as Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JBOSS, Oracle11g, and Xamarin, Datacomp PCVC smoothly integrates with an insurer’s backend system for quick information exchange.
  • Supported by a full-fledged mobile app for Android and iOS, the solution instantaneously completes verification upon a proposal being logged in.

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